Add Nut Butter to Your Day with LARA Nut Butter Smoothie

In addition to the yummy, creamy deliciousness, there are a lot of reasons why you should add nut butter to your day. I can still remember when the only sandwich I would eat as a child was peanut butter and jelly. I’m sure that there are still a lot of moms out there that can […]

How Not to Let Your Age Change You

Abbott partnered with influencers such as me for its Ensure Program. As part of this Program, I received compensation for my time although thoughts and opinions are my own. I’m not the same person that I was when I was 28 or even 38. I’m sure you may feel the same way. As we age, […]

How to Make an Allergy Friendly Broccoli au Gratin

Today I’m sharing a new recipe with you for Allergy Friendly Broccoli au Gratin. Back to school time signals to me that summer is coming to an end. It actually got into the 40s last night, and I grabbed a sweater when I woke up. Our routines are starting to get a bit more scheduled […]

How to Understand Your Personal Finances

Are you one of those people that can recite their personal finance information at any time? Or do you secretly wonder how to understand your personal finances? If you’re at all like me, you’re at a bit of a loss when it comes to savings, retirement, and investment information. I mean, I know that saving […]

5 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch

Years ago, I had boxes and boxes of VHS and DVD movies stored in the living room. Thankfully, having access to the best Netflix original movies has allowed me to declutter those movies while still having access to great entertainment. If you’re anything at all like me, you used to buy movies, watch them once, […]

Healthy Snacks for School the Kids Will Really Love

Since the kids are all out of school, back to school doesn’t really affect me any longer. They do occasionally take snacks to work, and they are always looking for snacks to eat when they’re home. In an effort to keep my grocery bill from exploding, I’ve been trying to offer more homemade snacks. I basically […]

How to Spoil Your Cat After Being Away

Are you one of those people who loves to spoil your cat? Our cats are part of the family. To us, they are little furry children and we do love to spoil them at times. I recently had two back to back blog trips. That is far more travel than I normally do and it […]

How to Make Paleo Baked Peaches

Have you ever tried Paleo baked peaches? If not, you are in for a treat! I used to love baked peaches when I was younger, but the way I made them was not the healthiest. Instead of adding butter (or worse margarine) and brown sugar, this simple fruit dessert uses coconut oil and honey! It […]

How You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Do you know how you can prevent forest fires? I’m sure that we’re all familiar with stories of a carelessly tossed cigarette starting a forest fire. Or, times when children played with matches and started a fire. I know that I’ve had discussions with my kids many times about the dangers of fire and possibility […]

How to Make a Tropical Fruit Power Bowl

Have you ever tried a tropical fruit power bowl? It has just been too hot to cook for the past several weeks, so I have been looking for healthy meals that don’t need to be cooked. A power bowl is an ideal choice for hot weather.  A power bowl is a quick and easy meal that […]